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 > git rev-parse --is-inside-work-tree # timeout=10
Setting origin to git://
 > git config remote.origin.url git:// # timeout=10
Fetching & pruning origin...
Fetching upstream changes from origin
 > git --version # timeout=10
 > git fetch --tags --progress origin +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/* --prune
Getting remote branches...
Seen branch in repository origin/concurrent
Seen branch in repository origin/csampl
Seen branch in repository origin/csampl-dev
Seen branch in repository origin/develop
Seen branch in repository origin/dist-trees
Seen branch in repository origin/distributed
Seen branch in repository origin/feature/apache-jena-3
Seen branch in repository origin/feature/parcel
Seen branch in repository origin/feature/parcel_new
Seen branch in repository origin/feature/sparql-remote
Seen branch in repository origin/feature/versionspace
Seen branch in repository origin/gh-pages
Seen branch in repository origin/leap-integration
Seen branch in repository origin/master
Seen branch in repository origin/owlapiv4
Seen branch in repository origin/parallelization
Seen branch in repository origin/qtl
Seen branch in repository origin/sake00
Seen branch in repository origin/sake03
Seen branch in repository origin/sparql-comparison
Seen branch in repository origin/tdt-learning
Seen 21 remote branches
Checking branch feature/parcel
No changes detected in feature/parcel (still at d878694645eb876ac87c5a2b4bc3bcf970f4d631)
Checking branch sake03
No changes detected in sake03 (still at 33d1582959ec3ce1498c7c8ad6d0126aab1b1d19)
Checking branch feature/parcel_new
No changes detected in feature/parcel_new (still at 1c4624229fc8110cb5485019aa0a0f81c25f75ec)
Checking branch dist-trees
No changes detected in dist-trees (still at 2d570b1bdd45a4ed1d110932c4d837db278c6e4a)
Checking branch gh-pages
Checking branch concurrent
No changes detected in concurrent (still at b22d4c5aee6762337a22e90ae60569048fc25fb3)
Checking branch csampl-dev
No changes detected in csampl-dev (still at d6ca7dec2946d6da07e22064bb82770989059ba5)
Checking branch sake00
No changes detected in sake00 (still at 26a291f499f89d5eaa57286df92776e478879a7c)
Checking branch owlapiv4
No changes detected in owlapiv4 (still at e52fbdf15cfadd44f913bcf096ef89d2756bb3c1)
Checking branch feature/apache-jena-3
No changes detected in feature/apache-jena-3 (still at 79c72b7f19ed93deeaa2e8af970baa2e8dc14aba)
Checking branch feature/sparql-remote
No changes detected in feature/sparql-remote (still at 3645bf01545d51d1886189e08c0cad1a8cc48728)
Checking branch feature/versionspace
No changes detected in feature/versionspace (still at 464158d70400dad8d06a3874cc48cb46b4447ea9)
Checking branch leap-integration
No changes detected in leap-integration (still at d54f247f209c7f8586e6738122fc1c61ca9670a6)
Checking branch parallelization
No changes detected in parallelization (still at 79cd9cfcce4f27a0f3e7b7f839c6583c5001ec0d)
Checking branch master
No changes detected in master (still at 75de6698a63bdf30dca4a748bbeb7ad8fef8cfde)
Checking branch qtl
No changes detected in qtl (still at 92dae1955faea94663c972e66e709386c5fb1862)
Checking branch distributed
No changes detected in distributed (still at cfd82e2f90aaa3fcef4ef2b0b08cba47fbfaa6e8)
Checking branch tdt-learning
No changes detected in tdt-learning (still at 2d978668a414d4367af775bada2188314d3870aa)
Checking branch sparql-comparison
No changes detected in sparql-comparison (still at 1e729325095b64f7decd2c1236f598030762c9b1)
Checking branch csampl
No changes detected in csampl (still at fccf166d85e373de2883619bbbb73190481f5f6a)
Checking branch develop
Evaluating orphaned items in DL-Learner CI-M
Will not remove confparser as it is only #1 in the list
Finished: SUCCESS