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  1. Adjusted Surefire plugin configuration (commit: 9e7e8f9) (details)
  2. a shorter test is also ok (commit: d7e2cc7) (details)
  3. Updated dependencies and plugins. (commit: 9e8817b) (details)
  4. SOLR update (commit: b8381c9) (details)
  5. Update README (commit: 8c52013) (details)
  6. Back to JGraphT 1.1.0 (commit: 19de9bb) (details)
  7. fix invalid OWL file (commit: 1eb2377) (details)
  8. Broken conf test (commit: 426e5c2) (details)
  9. update Hermit (commit: 7a95585) (details)
  10. make heuristic accessible in writeSearchTree (commit: e7c9579) (details)
  11. Pellet upgrade (commit: 0c62d38) (details)
  12. some version updates (commit: 458c606) (details)
  13. configure maven versions plugin (commit: 627fa19) (details)
  14. java plugin updates (commit: d5fc347) (details)
  15. reset java version (commit: ff00f02) (details)