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  1. Added sanity check for ClassAsInst.LearningProblem (commit: 685be74) (details)
  2. misc (commit: b93969c) (details)
  3. Updated dependencies and plugins. (commit: 9e8817b) (details)
  4. Examples provider stub (commit: 8292371) (details)
  5. JGaphT API changes (commit: 1253e64) (details)
  6. Deprecated warnings addressed (commit: d40f8a8) (details)
  7. update xstream (commit: 97a16dc) (details)
  8. Fix minCardinality in Closed World Reasoner, by Yingbing Hua (commit: 5f32582) (details)
  9. use superProperty Data Type for Datatype Properties, if available (commit: 8cefedd) (details)
  10. make heuristic accessible in writeSearchTree (commit: e7c9579) (details)
  11. make horizontal expansion more logical (commit: c15cc4c) (details)
  12. Sanity checks for input example(s) (commit: 0fd927a) (details)
  13. minor (commit: 2d8e568) (details)
  14. misc (commit: 3ec797a) (details)
  15. more examples providers (commit: 356cd4a) (details)
  16. misc (commit: 59d40c3) (details)
  17. misc (commit: dfa6981) (details)
  18. Fixes #45 (commit: f72ea8a) (details)
  19. Fixes #68 (commit: 1e90f0b) (details)
  20. more sanity checks (commit: b39182e) (details)
  21. minor style fixes (commit: 02d9b02) (details)
  22. display progress in materialization (commit: cc2e897) (details)
  23. fixed minor bug (commit: f193599) (details)
  24. Pellet upgrade (commit: 0c62d38) (details)
  25. Cleanup of owl:hasValue precomputation (commit: 2b190a6) (details)
  26. some graph utils (commit: 833385b) (details)
  27. more graph stuff for OWL ontologies (commit: 84e4355) (details)
  28. version updates (commit: 5b01ba8) (details)
  29. java plugin updates (commit: d5fc347) (details)
  30. fix crash in node printer (commit: 0dbdd1d) (details)
  31. make tmp dir os dependent (commit: 0433605) (details)
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