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  1. minor (commit: f569d12) (details)
  2. minor chnages in Bioportal repo (commit: 6bbf9e6) (details)
  3. cleaned up ontology repositories code (commit: eda6b3a) (details)
  4. make components-core duplicate-finder free (commit: 3953f4a) (details)
  5. back to snapshot version (commit: 61ba8e4) (details)
  6. further duplicate classes clean up (commit: 4116876) (details)
  7. fix duplicate classes (commit: dd5d983) (details)
  8. fixed bug with cyclic class hierarchy (commit: b90d3f3) (details)
  9. Minor code stlye and issues fixed (commit: c602fd5) (details)
  10. fixed issue with importsof DPR axioms (commit: 1aeaa6c) (details)
  11. fix issue with Pellet (commit: 1b674dd) (details)
  12. improved thread-safety for hierarchies (commit: 279acca) (details)
  13. bump log4j version (commit: d2ccc95) (details)
  14. add optional request logging to sparql-reasoner (commit: 8575647) (details)
  15. fix request log finalisation (commit: 50f6891) (details)
  16. fix request log NS (commit: b4a1a65) (details)
  17. switch to StreamRDF for request logging (commit: 6802baf) (details)
  18. Bumped Jena version (commit: d2c97b0) (details)
  19. Bumped dependencies and plugins. (commit: 42e7d00) (details)
  20. OWL API change adapted (commit: 2974c45) (details)
  21. Bump xstream from 1.4.13 to 1.4.13-java7 in /components-core (commit: 643651f) (details)
  22. Bump xstream from 1.4.13-java7 to 1.4.16 in /components-core (commit: b43e2b3) (details)
  23. set version (commit: 8a7fd22) (details)
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