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  1. Update for next development version (commit: 20c5889) (details)
  2. Update SANSA layers to the latest SNAPSHOTS (commit: 7ecbc10) (details)
  3. Bump Spark-->2.4.3 and Flink-->1.8.0 (commit: 97f1d6b) (details)
  4. Configured for sansa-parent (commit: 92266a2) (details)
  5. Added ignore for data dir (seems to get generated on app run) (commit: c16c161) (details)
  6. Bump SANSA version to 0.6.0-SNAPSHOT (commit: 864127c) (details)
  7. Use the sansa-parent structure and align with the sansa layers (commit: c7905af) (details)
  8. Update versions for release (commit: 8ee7677) (details)
  9. Update for next development version (commit: c1fdac6) (details)
  10. Update .travis.yml::Add openjdk8 (commit: 5e58578) (details)
  11. Added initial run examples script (wip) (commit: c3f7c47) (details)
  12. Bump SANSA version to 0.7.1-SNAPSHOT (commit: afbc6c3) (details)
  13. Update versions for release (commit: 33816ab) (details)
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