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  1. Update for next development version (commit: 20c5889) (details)
  2. Align BorderFlow clustering alg. with SANSA ML (commit: 5fca5e9) (details)
  3. Include commons-compress on the shaded jar (commit: b0f3890) (details)
  4. Update parent version id for sansa-examples-spark module (commit: 8d77def) (details)
  5. Update description for DataLake example (commit: 9fad3c9) (details)
  6. Align Semantic-based query example with the latest changes on SANSA-Query (commit: afe695d) (details)
  7. Remove SparqlServerTests class as it is no longer needed (commit: fcde173) (details)
  8. Align rdf and ml examples with changes made on RDF layer (commit: 4bebd03) (details)
  9. Align ml.clusering examples with ML layer (commit: 910494c) (details)
  10. Configured for sansa-parent (commit: 92266a2) (details)
  11. Removed jetty dep and some - by now hopefully no longer needed - exclusions (commit: 1d5207c) (details)
  12. Rename Sparqlify example to Sparklify (commit: 8095c91) (details)
  13. Bump SANSA version to 0.6.0-SNAPSHOT (commit: 864127c) (details)
  14. Use the sansa-parent structure and align with the sansa layers (commit: c7905af) (details)
  15. Update versions for release (commit: 8ee7677) (details)
  16. Update for next development version (commit: c1fdac6) (details)
  17. Dist package cleanup (commit: e64753e) (details)
  18. Make inference/owl examples scala-style compliant (commit: 43c5ae5) (details)
  19. Add HDT example for Spark (commit: 205f9a2) (details)
  20. Update HDTQuery example (commit: 7796ded) (details)
  21. Updates on OWL reader examples (commit: 1e78642) (details)
  22. Removed exclude of rdf4j packages in fat jar (commit: 0468618) (details)
  23. Comment out the exclude for com.amazonaws:*. (commit: ac595b1) (details)
  24. Added OWL/XML example file for SANSA-OWL example (commit: 555d0db) (details)
  25. Updated exclude list in sansa-examples-spark (commit: d02c72a) (details)
  26. Update Sparklify example:: run cli as default runner (commit: ff8e944) (details)
  27. Bump SANSA version to 0.7.1-SNAPSHOT (commit: afbc6c3) (details)
  28. Update versions for release (commit: 33816ab) (details)
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