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  1. Merged release branch. (commit: 3aaadc2) (details)
  2. extract schema elements (commit: f9c6473) (details)
  3. Transitive Reasoner (commit: 8346cbf) (details)
  4. Transitive Reasoner (commit: 36ab06e) (details)
  5. extraction of schema elements and Transitive reasoner (commit: 792c444) (details)
  6. upload ontology (commit: 0f5a36a) (details)
  7. Add dependencies in pom.xml (commit: ae86675) (details)
  8. Implementation of rule 2a,b, 3a,b (commit: ca21d45) (details)
  9. Implementation of rule 2a,b, 3a,b (commit: 5225fc1) (details)
  10. Implementation of rule 9 (commit: f6d98bf) (details)
  11. Add new subProperties (commit: d1937d7) (details)
  12. extract more axioms (commit: 1fd799e) (details)
  13. Inference of OWL Horst rules (commit: b9c2a4e) (details)
  14. Change in main (commit: 22932ba) (details)
  15. Inference of OWL Horst rules (commit: 00d6a76) (details)
  16. update scala-style (commit: 4065ed3) (details)
  17. add type rules (commit: 4f3da9b) (details)
  18. Implement rule O13, O14 (commit: 9aef596) (details)
  19. Implementation of O15, O16 (commit: 7bc09c7) (details)
  20. Add Transitive Property to Transitive reasoner (commit: f653665) (details)
  21. Implementation of O1, O2 SameAs rules (commit: bb0026d) (details)
  22. Adjust Scala-style (commit: d16d2d1) (details)
  23. Clean-up in sansa-inference-spark/pom.xml (commit: f125fab) (details)
  24. Clean-up in ForwardRuleReasonerOWLHorst object (commit: 8553e76) (details)
  25. Bugfix in axioms.ForwardRuleReasonerOWLHorst (commit: 83342a5) (details)
  26. Calculate the number of infered axioms in RDFS (commit: 75ad399) (details)
  27. Add new axioms (commit: 32b52f2) (details)
  28. Test for RDFS forward chaining rule reasoner (commit: b578635) (details)
  29. sparksession update (commit: c40c3cb) (details)
  30. remove unnecessary .collect() calls (commit: d3438f8) (details)
  31. update in Equivelant Axioms (commit: 2ec14da) (details)
  32. Adding Test class for OWL Horst forward chaining rule reasoner (commit: d0a7abc) (details)
  33. Add the inferred axioms from sameAs rules (commit: 99fff33) (details)
  34. Clean-up in axioms.ForwardRuleReasonerRDFS (commit: d21b690) (details)
  35. Clean-up in axioms.ForwardRuleReasonerRDFSTest (commit: 2f4eb8d) (details)
  36. Added test for rdfs2 rule (commit: c56ad2c) (details)
  37. Added test for ForwardRuleReasonerRDFS rdfs3 rule (commit: 208f48c) (details)
  38. Added test for ForwardRuleReasonerRDFS rdfs5 rule (commit: e89463a) (details)
  39. Added test for ForwardRuleReasonerRDFS rdfs7 rule (commit: 146b34c) (details)
  40. Added test for ForwardRuleReasonerRDFS rdfs9 rule (commit: 2abb5c8) (details)
  41. Added test for ForwardRuleReasonerRDFS rdfs11 rule (commit: a8c4e17) (details)
  42. Clean-up in axioms.ForwardRuleReasonerOWLHorst (commit: 8df96d8) (details)
  43. Clean-up in axioms.ForwardRuleReasonerOWLHorstTest (commit: 7bdd5e7) (details)
  44. Bugfix: Removed forgotten param (commit: d0045e0) (details)
  45. Added test for ForwardRuleReasonerOWLHorst R1 rule (commit: aed373e) (details)
  46. Added test for ForwardRuleReasonerOWLHorst R2 rule (commit: f362f47) (details)
  47. Added test for ForwardRuleReasonerOWLHorst R3 rule (commit: e76db6e) (details)
  48. Added test for ForwardRuleReasonerOWLHorst R4 rule (commit: 477ccb1) (details)
  49. Added test for ForwardRuleReasonerOWLHorst R5 rule (commit: 4751d10) (details)
  50. Added test for ForwardRuleReasonerOWLHorst R6 rule (commit: c1e22c4) (details)
  51. Added test for ForwardRuleReasonerOWLHorst O1 rule (commit: c5a5104) (details)
  52. Added test for ForwardRuleReasonerOWLHorst O2 rule (commit: e6c3e67) (details)
  53. Added test for ForwardRuleReasonerOWLHorst O3 rule (commit: 8652c70) (details)
  54. Added test for ForwardRuleReasonerOWLHorst O4 rule (commit: cf5ea63) (details)
  55. Added test for Forw.RuleReasonerOWLHorst O7a rule (commit: f52cf3b) (details)
  56. Added test for Forw.RuleReasonerOWLHorst O7b rule (commit: da8c023) (details)
  57. Added test for Forw.RuleReasonerOWLHorst O10 rule (commit: 44f6988) (details)
  58. Added test for FwRuleReasonerOWLHorst rules O11a+b (commit: e3251ab) (details)
  59. Added test for Forw.RuleReasonerOWLHorst rule O11c (commit: 26e9ed7) (details)
  60. Added test for FwRuleReasonerOWLHorst rules O12a+b (commit: ed77232) (details)
  61. Bugfix in test_o11c data (commit: 71c3dc0) (details)
  62. Added test for Forw.RuleReasonerOWLHorst rule O12c (commit: f665825) (details)
  63. Minor clean-up and comment on FwRuleROWLHorstTest (commit: ac617a4) (details)
  64. Added test for Forw.RuleReasonerOWLHorst rule O13 (commit: e674fc2) (details)
  65. Bugfix in test_o13.owl FwRuleROWLHorst test data (commit: ac864b6) (details)
  66. Added test for Forw.RuleReasonerOWLHorst rule O14 (commit: 85f8104) (details)
  67. Resolve Test case errors for RDFS (commit: 1df279b) (details)
  68. Adjust Scala-style (commit: a45510f) (details)
  69. Added test for Forw.RuleReasonerOWLHorst rule O14 (commit: dea42c3) (details)
  70. Minor comment update (commit: f1d2e8f) (details)
  71. Added test for Forw.RuleReasonerOWLHorst rule O16 (commit: c8e2c54) (details)
  72. Resolve Test cases errors for OWL Horst (commit: d13bb5f) (details)
  73. Minor clean-up in ax.ForwardRuleReasonerOWLHorst (commit: 74a74c4) (details)
  74. Minor clean-up in axioms.ForwardRuleReasonerRDFS (commit: 84cc56f) (details)
  75. Clean-up in axioms.ForwardRuleReasonerOWLHorstTest (commit: 3e7ac19) (details)
  76. clean-up in axioms.ForwardRuleReasonerRDFS (commit: 656b99b) (details)
  77. clean-up in axioms.ForwardRuleReasonerRDFS (commit: c0b16d7) (details)
  78. Updated main dependency versions in pom.xml (commit: 168539c) (details)
  79. update versions for release (commit: 8423612) (details)
Changes in dependency
  1. Inference API - Common Success#6Success#7 (detail)
  2. Inference API - Parent Success#6Success#7 (detail)
  3. Inference API - Tests Success#6Success#7 (detail)