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  1. update for next development version (commit: 570b8f2) (details)
  2. Update ForwardRuleReasonerOWLHorst.scala (commit: 3120a15) (details)
  3. clean-up in axioms.ForwardRuleReasonerRDFS (commit: 875ed40) (details)
  4. Update: return the inferred graph instead of inferred axioms (commit: d3c3899) (details)
  5. Minor Pom changes (commit: 7d231ec) (details)
  6. Configured for sansa-parent (commit: e094bd8) (details)
  7. Do not overwrite Scala version from Parent module. (commit: 620c388) (details)
  8. Bump to 0.6.0-SNAPSHOT version (commit: a45ebfe) (details)
  9. POM cleanup (commit: 04effc9) (details)
  10. Simplified conversion from RDD[Triple] to Jena Model (commit: f66a9e0) (details)
  11. return all axioms also for the RDFS reasoner (commit: fbd71e7) (details)
  12. Align unit-test with the changes on the infered graph (axioms) (commit: bb781a8) (details)
  13. Update versions for release (commit: 7e05f89) (details)
  14. Update for next development version (commit: a85c094) (details)
  15. update pom.xml (commit: e368ca1) (details)
  16. remove ambigous refrence to SaveMode (commit: 23aae25) (details)
  17. update appache-commons version (commit: b464c28) (details)
  18. Removed versions form POM files (commit: 1a26ab5) (details)
  19. Bumped version (commit: ccab0de) (details)
  20. Update versions for release (commit: af6caed) (details)
Changes in dependency
  1. Inference API - Parent Success#7Failed#8 (detail)