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  1. update for next development version (commit: 5ec9f34) (details)
  2. Add License badge (commit: 553c2df) (details)
  3. Update Usage section : Add OWL implicits example using RDDs after new (commit: 8c8d011) (details)
  4. Updated scalastyle config in POM (commit: 4b12020) (details)
  5. Enable scalastyle check on .travis.yml (commit: 9c54518) (details)
  6. Updated versions of main dependencies (commit: 26c4d03) (details)
  7. Updated .gitignore (commit: 737b7e4) (details)
  8. update versions for release (commit: 6e51dac) (details)
  9. Updated most dependencies to latest versions (commit: 3392083) (details)