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  1. RDFXML syntax parser (commit: 011d865) (details)
  2. upload Univ-benchamrk (commit: 868e54c) (details)
  3. remove unneeded comments (commit: 90543f5) (details)
  4. add some missing dependencies (commit: 15b2d34) (details)
  5. Add dependency (commit: 436d76e) (details)
  6. Add new dependency (commit: b69c7cc) (details)
  7. Add logger to turn off worning from spark (commit: 92036a4) (details)
  8. handle wrong output from OWLAPI, case1: wrong OWLAnnotationPropertyDomain (commit: 88dddd5) (details)
  9. handle 2 wrong cases raised from OWLAPI (commit: 00a138c) (details)
  10. POM clean-up (commit: 48abbe4) (details)
  11. Minor clean-up in RDFXMLSyntaxOWLExpr.RDDBuilder (commit: 936a3d2) (details)
  12. Update for next development version (commit: 130c44b) (details)
  13. source ontology (commit: 67b8264) (details)
  14. owlXml Parser (commit: 5ff6e29) (details)
  15. Test class for OWLXMLSyntaxAxiomBuilder (commit: 19fba30) (details)
  16. complete owlXml parser (commit: b38f676) (details)
  17. update refinement of axioms (commit: 87a8e66) (details)
  18. update Test class (commit: 914e91c) (details)
  19. update dependencies (commit: dd76226) (details)
  20. LUBM dataset (commit: 40b828f) (details)
  21. resolve patrick comments (commit: 0f097b4) (details)
  22. remove duplicate dependencies (commit: f789f7d) (details)
  23. update OWLXML test class (commit: 8e70bc1) (details)
  24. some code updates (commit: f994bd4) (details)
  25. Minor clean-up to reduce the number of warnings (commit: 98ec3c5) (details)
  26. Moved dependency versions to SANSA-Parent (commit: 78def09) (details)
  27. Bumped version (commit: 3f1b373) (details)
  28. Update versions for release (commit: a11cd50) (details)
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