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  1. update for next development version (commit: 5272049) (details)
  2. Enable reading config, mappings and query files from HDFS, it fixes #1 (commit: d42244f) (details)
  3. Replace printlns with INFO loggings + logging messages improvements. (commit: 455bc97) (details)
  4. fix logger errors and remove logging dependency duplicates (commit: f82ab05) (details)
  5. - Make it possible to read config, mappings and query files from S3. (commit: 32e8ac6) (details)
  6. - Make SANSA-DataLake Scalastyle-compliant, fixes #5 + bump Spark (commit: e91577c) (details)
  7. update versions for release (commit: 8681aa4) (details)
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  1. SANSA Stack - DataLake Layer - Parent Success#9Success#10 (detail)
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