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  1. update for next development version (commit: 3fd857e) (details)
  2. - Filtering on subject values (commit: b91e449) (details)
  3. - Add RDF connector source files (commit: 80badae) (details)
  4. - Remove extra argument (commit: 07aeb2e) (details)
  5. - Change the version to 0.1.2 from a SNAPSHOT in parent (commit: 84ffde8) (details)
  6. - Change the version back to 0.1.2 SNAPSHOT (commit: 15084cf) (details)
  7. - clean and organize imports (commit: 434ad6f) (details)
  8. update versions for release (commit: 17fd012) (details)
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  1. SANSA Stack - DataLake Layer - Parent Success#10Success#11 (detail)
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