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  1. Amie Code simplifications (commit: c330afc) (details)
  2. update for next development version (commit: 3e37a6c) (details)
  3. Got rid of very old Spring dependency (commit: 866350c) (details)
  4. Disable NonASCIICharacterChecker for Scala-style (for now) (commit: 37fb318) (details)
  5. Enable failOnViolation for Scala-style code, closes #5 (commit: 3f5c8e5) (details)
  6. Enable scalastyle:check on TravisCI (commit: a1e3fd0) (details)
  7. SANSA-POI Integration (commit: 20d8b34) (details)
  8. Delete org.eclipse.core.resources.prefs (commit: fc8e7a7) (details)
  9. Delete org.eclipse.m2e.core.prefs (commit: 3483666) (details)
  10. Bump versions - sansa.rdf:0.5.0, sansa.owl:0.4.1, spark:2.4.0, (commit: f70b28a) (details)
  11. Update maven-scala-plugin since Travis CI does not support latest (commit: 0cd015e) (details)
  12. Fix typo on the jena.version and clean up TriplesRun (commit: 33d0cdb) (details)
  13. Increase heap size on scala-maven-plugin to get rid of (commit: 110d351) (details)
  14. Clean ups and make classes upper camel case, based on Scala-style (commit: 463dac3) (details)
  15. Add release profile to align with other SANSA layers (commit: 3e8ac33) (details)
  16. update versions for release (commit: 96cdf8a) (details)