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  1. Add coverall integration (commit: 7676a59) (details)
  2. Add Coverage Status badge (commit: 401ad32) (details)
  3. Add oraclejdk8 for Travis CI conf (commit: 5fe71f9) (details)
  4. Upgrade maven for Travis CI (commit: d66c9cc) (details)
  5. Downgrade scala-maven-plugin since Travis CI does not use the latest (commit: ce3c933) (details)
  6. update for next development version (commit: daa3866) (details)
  7. Clean up pom(s) for the release process, and remove dist profiles (commit: a14e2f9) (details)
  8. Update sansa.rdf and sansa.owl to the latest SNAPSHOTS (commit: b769e93) (details)
  9. Enabling test-suit at compilation (commit: ed9fc1b) (details)
  10. Enable scala-test at compile (commit: 9b85906) (details)
  11. Add source and test Directory allowing coverall to find its sources (commit: b87c989) (details)
  12. Bump Flink version --> 1.8.0 (commit: fa3baf2) (details)
  13. Bump Spark version --> 2.4.3 (commit: c395628) (details)
  14. Configured for sansa-parent (commit: 6ed1120) (details)
  15. Use sansa-parent properties instead (commit: 2f1a384) (details)
  16. Use sansa.rdf.version for the RDF layer (commit: e43e289) (details)
  17. Increases java stack size (.jvmopts gets picked up by sbt - check with (commit: 1edd91b) (details)
  18. solved dependency conflict with Woodstox dep from HermiT and Hadoop (commit: 66732ba) (details)
  19. Moved hermit dep spec to sansa-parent (commit: 2579a30) (details)
  20. Added git ignores (commit: d80d100) (details)
  21. Added jvmopts to the spark module (commit: 9f80521) (details)
  22. Bump to 0.6.0-SNAPSHOT version (commit: d4e6838) (details)
  23. Use project.version instead (commit: b60aed4) (details)
  24. Update versions for release (commit: c5fcc8a) (details)
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