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  1. update for next development version (commit: daa3866) (details)
  2. Clean up pom(s) for the release process, and remove dist profiles (commit: a14e2f9) (details)
  3. Add missing (strange eh ) namespace for the BorderFlow alg (commit: 1e56dad) (details)
  4. Align graph input for BorderFlow as well (commit: cce41d1) (details)
  5. Move feature extraction utils into common layer. There is no Spark or (commit: c380def) (details)
  6. Clean up and align with Scala-style the parser package (commit: 04b8d96) (details)
  7. Align Classifiers with new changes (commit: 58fb173) (details)
  8. Align Vandalism detection alg with new changes (commit: aa0e8f7) (details)
  9. Apply new changes on the main class (this will be removed afterwords) (commit: 27296ff) (details)
  10. Provide utilities for common functions (commit: c742afe) (details)
  11. Make vandalism detection package Scala-style compliant (commit: 427494f) (details)
  12. Remove absolute paths for inputs on the parser (commit: 3b00faa) (details)
  13. Add vandalism detection sample data (commit: 2b854b4) (details)
  14. Align vandalism detection alg with new changes using input path (commit: 9d70d8f) (details)
  15. Provide basic unit tests for Vandalism Detection (WIP) (commit: 3f871d8) (details)
  16. Further clean ups (commit: c8ac808) (details)
  17. Add data for simple implementaion of vandalism detection (commit: f5d9755) (details)
  18. Add possiblity to define meta and truth files (commit: e0e9615) (details)
  19. Deprecate JTriple and RDFXML parsers. These are being deprecated since (commit: 81a73f0) (details)
  20. Align changes accordingly after deprecating JTriple&XMLRDF parsers (commit: a8ad95b) (details)
  21. Deprecate TRIX reader. The TRIX RDF serialization format will be (commit: 5898fe6) (details)
  22. Align the rest after deprecating TRIX reader (commit: 65e4d7a) (details)
  23. Provide basic unit tests for common.feature.extraction (commit: 018b71e) (details)
  24. Add sample fraction param and clean up unused code (commit: 6cd988e) (details)
  25. Align with latest changes kept locally (commit: 222e9cd) (details)
  26. Deprecate Main and Utils classes (commit: 8f3cb71) (details)
  27. Update classifiers with the possibility to split the data. (commit: adfad8c) (details)
  28. Change the input parameter for triples on the Vandalism Detection (commit: 94e89c6) (details)
  29. Add a running vandalism detection workflow. It has been disabled as of (commit: b2ece77) (details)
  30. Enabling test-suit at compilation (commit: ed9fc1b) (details)
  31. Enable scala-test at compile (commit: 9b85906) (details)
  32. Add source and test Directory allowing coverall to find its sources (commit: b87c989) (details)
  33. Changing paramters of DBSCAN (commit: 5ed8794) (details)
  34. 1)  dataprocessing class- user can provide input 2) Common and Clsuters (commit: e3f3202) (details)
  35. geospark scope removed (commit: 3ae5b3e) (details)
  36. Classes with names that only differ in casing-resolved and DBSCAN spatia (commit: a1329af) (details)
  37. Align ML layer with the changes made on RDF layer (commit: 066e32c) (details)
  38. Unified calling method for clustering algorithms and created Util file (commit: 94aceec) (details)
  39. removed prints and cleaning of the code (commit: 3a86e04) (details)
  40. Move clustering package to dir (commit: 36e3af1) (details)
  41. Make clustering.package scala-style compliant code (commit: efca7c6) (details)
  42. Update anomalydetection utils package (commit: 7e15235) (details)
  43. Use the right package from Jena (commit: ed91f3e) (details)
  44. Configured for sansa-parent (commit: 6ed1120) (details)
  45. Use sansa-parent properties instead (commit: 2f1a384) (details)
  46. solved dependency conflict with Woodstox dep from HermiT and Hadoop (commit: 66732ba) (details)
  47. Moved hermit dep spec to sansa-parent (commit: 2579a30) (details)
  48. Added jvmopts to the spark module (commit: 9f80521) (details)
  49. Removed jvmopts in favor of global config in scala-maven-plugin (commit: c1896ed) (details)
  50. Bump to 0.6.0-SNAPSHOT version (commit: d4e6838) (details)
  51. Use project.version instead (commit: b60aed4) (details)
  52. Removed repositories and build section from pom (commit: 8af36cb) (details)
  53. Update versions for release (commit: c5fcc8a) (details)
Changes in dependency
  1. ML API - Common Success#3Success#4 (detail)
  2. SANSA OWL layer - SPARK Success#2Success#4 (detail)
  3. ML API - Parent Success#3Success#4 (detail)
  4. SANSA OWL layer - Common Success#2Success#4 (detail)
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