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  1. update for next development version (commit: 8d7b8c5) (details)
  2. added DataLake (Sparkall) wraper as a sub-component to SANSA-Query and a (commit: 64cadb2) (details)
  3. Add sansa-datalake-spark dependency (commit: 2534283) (details)
  4. Align within data-lake api (commit: 101731a) (details)
  5. Make scala style code compliant (commit: 80d9e8f) (details)
  6. add datalake input files: config, mappings, and queries (commit: a18b81e) (details)
  7. add test data (BSBM CSV format) (commit: 8d2a0b6) (details)
  8. Add latest netty deped. (commit: ba8c5e9) (details)
  9. Provide basic unit tests for DataLake (WIP) (commit: d918230) (details)
  10. add header to producer.csv (commit: a0bf6a5) (details)
  11. remove unnecessary files (commit: 59e7e50) (details)
  12. Add more unit tests for DataLakeEngine (commit: 07ce2dc) (details)
  13. add files: about datalake feature under SANSA-Query, config (commit: b3b91e0) (details)
  14. re-locate README.MD under datalake folder (commit: c934b39) (details)
  15. Delete README.MD (commit: 3d2748c) (details)
  16. re-add README file (commit: a63af49) (details)
  17. Edit README file (commit: b069d03) (details)
  18. Renaming unit-test files according to the pattern: 'SomethingTests' (commit: bd58387) (details)
  19. Adding Ontop as a dependency (commit: 005ca22) (details)
  20. Towards integrating OnTop (commit: 82b6edd) (details)
  21. Align flink implementation due to the new version of Flink (commit: 4998225) (details)
  22. Cleanup semantic-based query engine (commit: 4a98b1c) (details)
  23. Resolve merge conflicts by incorporating both suggestions. (commit: de14143) (details)
  24. Small fix to mappings.ttl file (commit: 6608fd2) (details)
  25. Correct input file paths in DataLake tests (commit: 74dd818) (details)
  26. update versions for release (commit: 79f77ea) (details)
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  1. SANSA Stack - Query Layer - Parent Success#6Success#7 (detail)