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  1. update for next development version (commit: 6c089aa) (details)
  2. Clean up the semantic query-engine call (commit: 043c2c4) (details)
  3. Fix semantic query-engine approach. (commit: fcc9fdd) (details)
  4. Add basic unit tests for the semantic query engine (commit: 44c1e1a) (details)
  5. Make semantic query engine Scala-style compliant (commit: 4f03875) (details)
  6. Clean up prints for semantic query engine (commit: a3db946) (details)
  7. Embed the DOF project in SANSA Query Layer (commit: bb744c3) (details)
  8. DOF project code review (commit: b3ff9d9) (details)
  9. Align query module with the changes made on RDF layer (commit: cad3c52) (details)
  10. Modified BSBM setup to resolve conflicts (commit: a20c190) (details)
  11. configured for sansa-parent (commit: 3d3f344) (details)
  12. Fix datalake basic unit-tests (commit: 30a4d02) (details)
  13. Exclude graph-based query engine test suite. (commit: 69c70cb) (details)
  14. Provide basic unit-tests for Sparklify query engine (commit: 17620bb) (details)
  15. Deprecate TestRdfPartitionSpark:: issues with the serialization (commit: b7a4703) (details)
  16. Disable ontop unit-tests (FIXME) (commit: 40d3699) (details)
  17. Updated poms (commit: d096650) (details)
  18. Bump SANSA version to 0.6.0-SNAPSHOT (commit: 5c9eee6) (details)
  19. Added hack to rename 'double precision' to 'double'in  sparqlify generated sql (commit: 9f8e86d) (details)
  20. Update versions for release (commit: 6325cb7) (details)
  21. Update for next development version (commit: 8aa930e) (details)
  22. Bump netty-all from 4.1.17.Final to 4.1.42.Final in /sansa-query-spark (commit: 5d563b3) (details)
  23. Add SPARQL query engine over compressed RDF data initial integration (commit: 54b9855) (details)
  24. HDT code cleanup and refactoring (commit: ad78154) (details)
  25. Make code (sparklify) scala-style compliant (commit: edcf223) (details)
  26. Provide implicit wrappers for HDT engine (commit: 283eed2) (details)
  27. Provide basic unit tests for HDT engine (commit: 82a5c0b) (details)
  28. Fix config, mappings, and query links (commit: c479b1a) (details)
  29. Clean up ontop integration (commit: 90ba3d5) (details)
  30. Added tests for issues #34, #43 and #44 (commit: d6d6a68) (details)
  31. Fix for #17 (commit: 6b9135b) (details)
  32. Fix and test case for #15 (commit: 7216114) (details)
  33. Added test for #14, however a fix would require substantial updates to sparqlify's datatype system (commit: 13c98b1) (details)
  34. disabled issue 35 test as it seems catalyst is the cause (commit: 4e32841) (details)
  35. omit event log writing (commit: 2efe488) (details)
  36. Added explicit Spark deps (commit: 2eb23f4) (details)
  37. bump to 7.1.0 (commit: 1cd11b8) (details)
  38. Update versions for release (commit: f07aecf) (details)
Changes in dependency
  1. SANSA Stack - Query Layer - Parent Success#7Success#9 (detail)