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  1. Clean up the semantic query-engine call (commit: 043c2c4) (detail)
  2. Fix semantic query-engine approach. The system wasn't returning any (commit: fcc9fdd) (detail)
  3. Add basic unit tests for the semantic query engine (commit: 44c1e1a) (detail)
  4. Make semantic query engine Scala-style compliant (commit: 4f03875) (detail)
  5. Clean up prints for semantic query engine (commit: a3db946) (detail)
Changes in dependency
  1. sansa-datalake-spark_2.11 Success#7Success#9 (detail)
  2. sansa-rdf-spark_2.11 Success#179Success#180 (detail)
  3. sansa-rdf-common_2.11 Success#179Success#180 (detail)