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This page captures the polling log that triggered this build.

Started on Nov 12, 2018 9:49:04 AM
Started by event from → ⇒ https://ci.aksw.org:8080/jenkins/github-webhook/ on Mon Nov 12 09:49:04 CET 2018
Polling SCM changes on master
Polling for changes in
Seen branch in repository origin/develop
Seen branch in repository origin/master
Seen 2 remote branches
 > git show-ref --tags -d # timeout=10
 > git log --full-history --no-abbrev --format=raw -M -m 8fbbf3a816e90fa9d57b0fefad7f572d630b6874..5173a644cf233362bb9527da970f1b517a3150c4 # timeout=10
Done. Took 1 sec
Changes found